Cannabis lift (Case Study)

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Cannabis lift (Case Study)

Packaging for face lift cream with cannabis


The client is a young entrepreneur who is used to introducing innovative products into the market. He was looking to introduce a product containing cannabis into the Greek beauty sector for the first time. Although incredibly competitive, he saw a small gap in the market for something this unique.

The task was to present a product that could be trusted and that would stand out amongst the crowd of local and international big brands. At the same time, the biggest challenge was to overcome any negative connotations attached to cannabis and to convince the customer of its pharmaceutically beneficial properties. The brief required me to find a way to attract the conservative market of Greece, of both genders and within a wide age group range of 25-50 years old. They needed to embrace the beneficial properties of cannabis, at the same time being convinced of the product’s serious approach to the cosmetics’ industry.


I considered how the design could detract from any negative impact that the main ingredient may have for the customer, turning it into a positive instead. The core of my idea was to create a layout that would convey  “beautiful simplicity” , both humble and yet powerful. I deliberately avoided showing the cannabis leaf and instead, worked on creating a more sophisticated look. I designed a pattern of motifs inspired by all of the main ingredients like quinoa, imperata cylindrica root extracts and cannabis, shown in a crisp, linear, minimalist style. In this way, I was able to visually approach the essence of each of the important ingredients, avoiding focusing only on cannabis. The typography was also approached in a simple and restrained way in order to position Cannabis Lift as a serious pharmaceutical product, rather than conveying a fancy or playful connotation.

The colour palette to support the overall style embraced an elegant and contemporary attitude. The design aims to position the product as a new, innovative creation that can support the needs of the wide ranging target group that are looking for a fresh but expert approach to their skin health.